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Diacronie is a project dedicated to the production and curation of artistic works encompassing music, sound, intermedial, and multidisciplinary expressions. Operating from the Diacronie Lab, a production studio and musical experimentation laboratory, the project is led by a team of sound and visual artists, including Gabriele Corti (MA\E), Edoardo Staffa, Ruggero Fornari, under the direction of Edoardo Maria Bellucci and Giangiacomo Gallo.

For several years, the team has been involved in organizing events and concert series in the city of Rome, hosting artists ranging from improvised music to electroacoustic, from contemporary jazz to electronic genres closer to the club scene.

What characterizes the project's approach is a particular attention and dedication to the sonic art connected to the artistic languages of contemporary electronic and electroacoustic music, with a specific focus on the linguistic and aesthetic possibilities associated with the use of new technologies in the artistic field.


| Founder / Technical-Artistic Director / Sound Artist / Performer / Creative Coder

| Founder / Artistic Director / Comunication / Sound Artist / Performer / Creative Coder

| Technical Assistant / Dj / Sound Designer / Performer

| Technical  Assistant / Visual Artist / Designer / Sound Artist / Creative Coder

| Technical Assistant / Comunication / Project Manager / Sound Artist / Performer

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